Defense of Possession of Methamphetamine Charges

Possession of Methamphetamine charges are serious. Methamphetamine, Meth or Crystal Meth, is a highly addictive drug and has resulted in a dramatic increase in usage over the last two decades. The epidemic levels of use have caused the state and the federal government to crack down hard on meth usage. Laws are extremely harsh, carrying stiff fines and penalties for anyone convicted of illegally possessing, selling, or manufacturing the drug (Florida Statute 893.13(6)(a)).

Meth is considered a Schedule II controlled substance in Florida, making it a Felony. If convicted on Possession of Methamphetamine charges, you face:

Years of probation

    • Possible prison sentence
    • Thousands of dollars in fines

You will also lose your driving privileges for a year and, if convicted, will be labeled as a felon for the rest of your life.

Do not risk your life or your livelihood over a drug charge. Contact our drug defense attorney in Orlando, Hugh McDonnell today for a case evaluation. Mr. McDonnell brings over 20 years of experience to his clients and has successfully resolved hundreds of drug-related cases. He will fight to have the charges against you dropped so you can resume your life.

Defending You Against Possession of Methamphetamine Charges

Depending on the amount of methamphetamine in your possession, you could be charged with simple possession of with drug trafficking. This, along with other facts specific to your case will determine Mr. McDonnell’s defense strategy for you.

From challenging the search to arguing against the evidence, there many avenues of defense available to you, including, but not limited to:

    • Constructive Possession
    • Illegal Search and Seizure
    • Lack of Knowledge

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