Possession of Prescription Pills Charges Defense

Possession of prescription pills is considered possession of a controlled substance in Florida under Florida Statute 893.13(6)(a). That means it is a crime and with it, comes serious criminal penalties. If charged with possession of prescription pills, you could be facing consequences of felony charges, which could include years of probation, years of prison and fines in the thousands of dollars.

If you have been charged with possession of prescription pills, contact Hugh James McDonnell. He is an experienced drug defense attorney in Orlando who has successfully defended hundreds of drug related charges and brings over 20 years of experience to every case. His first course of action is always to fight to get the charges dropped in their entirety, or have the charges reduced to the absolute minimum, using his familiarity with Florida drug laws.

Defending You Against Possession of Prescription Pill Charges

Successful defense of prescription pill charges is possible with help from an experienced drug defense attorney. There are many avenues of defense that Mr. McDonnell can explore beginning with the following questions (among many others):

  1. Is there, or was there ever, a valid prescription for the drug in question?
  2. Is your name associated with that prescription?
  3. How was the evidence was obtained?
  4. Where, how, and by whom was the drug stored? 

Contact Drug Defense Attorney Hugh James McDonnell For Possession of Prescription Pill Defense in Orlando

Whether you have been rightfully or wrongfully accused of possession of prescription pills in the Orlando area, Hugh McDonnell can help you. Contact us for a case evaluation.

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