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If you have been accused of murder in Orlando or Central Florida, you know you need top murder defense services to defend yourself. A murder charge is the most serious of criminal offenses and carries with it severe consequences that will affect the rest of your life.

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Hugh James McDonnell is a highly experienced Orlando murder defense attorney who will collect, analyze, and evaluate the evidence against you and construct a defense that fits the facts and minimizes charges and penalties.

An accusation of murder is not a conviction; however if you are charged with Murder, seek an attorney who has experience and will fight for all your legal rights. Call Hugh now discuss your legal options.

Murder Defense Services

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      • First-Degree Murder
      • Second-Degree Murder
      • Third-Degree Murder
      • Attempted Felony Murder

An Accusation Is Not A Conviction Of Murder In Orlando Or Central Florida

There is a difference between being accused or investigated for murder and being convicted of murder. Do not assume that just because you’ve been accused, that you will be convicted! The situation under which the incident occurred will effect the charges against you, the penalties, and the severity of sentencing. With the right defense strategy, Hugh James McDonnell may be able to get the charges against you dropped.

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If you or a loved one have been accused of murder, contact Hugh James McDonnell for murder defense services right away. A murder charge can be a terrifying experience, but with Hugh James McDonnell on your side you can breathe easier knowing he will aggressively defend your rights from start to finish.

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Charged with Murder?

Available 24/7