Resisting Arrest without Violence

Resisting arrest in Florida is a crime whether it is done with or without violence. Resisting arrest without violence in Orlando or Central Florida is a first-degree misdemeanor, punishable with fines and jail time. The charge often accompanies another criminal charge, such as DUI arrest.

Charged With Resisting Arrest Without Violence?

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However, just because you’ve been arrested does not mean you will be formally charged with Resisting Arrest Without Violence. Early intervention by Orlando Resisting Arrest Without Violence defense attorney, Hugh James McDonnell can ensure your side of the story is heard before formal charges are filed. This can lead to a decision not to file formal charges or even having the charges dropped entirely.

Seek proper counsel for Resisting Arrest Without Violence and any accompanying charges that are subsequently filed against you. Call Hugh now discuss your legal options.

Defending Against Resisting Arrest Without Violence Charges In Florida

The Resisting Arrest Without Violence Obstruction in Florida prohibits people from resisting arrest, obstructing, or opposing a police officer in their performance of a legal duty. Proving that the defendant resisted arrest without violence is the prosecutor’s job and it can be a tough one.

As your defense attorney, Mr. McDonnell will work hard to get charges dropped. An early examination of the facts will show the strength of the prosecutor’s case and may turn up defense avenues that can be explored. There are many ways in which Resisting Arrest Without Violence charges can be abused and it is our job to make sure none of them are being used against you.

We Are Here To Help You Fight Charges Of Resisting Arrest Without Violence In Orlando or Central Florida

If you have been charged with Resisting Arrest Without Violence, contact Hugh James McConnell today at 888-422-4200. Early consultation with an Orlando Resisting Arrest Without Violence defense lawyer is the best way to protect your rights and potential have your charges dropped.

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Charged With Resisting Arrest Without Violence?

Available 24/7