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Fraud is a white-collar crime that covers a wide range of specific actions and activities. All of them have the common element of intentional deception or misrepresentation for financial gain. Hugh James McDonnell is an Orlando criminal fraud attorney who has successfully defended clients against criminal, civil and state fraud allegations.

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Fraud charges can be the result from malice or oversight. No matter the situation, we will review all charges and the details of the case at no charge. Call Hugh now for a consultation.

Over the last 20 years, Mr. McDonnell has built a criminal defense practice that is devoted to defending individuals against charges of fraud. Our span of work covers many different types of fraud including:

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Skilled Fraud Defense

Fraud cases are notoriously complex. The defendant usually has to go up against institutions such as banks, insurance agencies, credit card companies, and even the federal government all of whom have virtually limitless resources at their disposal to proceed with prosecution. In addition, these businesses and the government often try to make an example out of each case so they can send a message and discourage such activities from happening again. That makes negotiations extremely difficult.

Successful defense against charges of fraud requires the skills of an experienced criminal fraud attorney. Defense begins with the collection and thorough analysis of evidence, facts, data, and paperwork. Hugh James McDonnell relies on his understanding of the highly technical and complicated criminal fraud laws that apply in order to build a strong defense.

An Advocate In Your Corner

It’s tough to go up against big institutions in the best of situations. It’s even harder to do so when a charge of fraud is involved. Fraud covers a wide-range of criminal activities, can occur in so many different circumstances, and may even be the result of an innocent mistake. The only way to come out unscathed is to have an advocate in your corner.

Hugh McDonnell is the advocate you need. His career includes both the prosecution and defense of criminal activities giving him unique insights into the way a case will be handled. Just as important as his experience is his compassion and understanding. Being charged with a crime that can affect your life for years to come is scary enough. Facing off against the government or large financial institutions makes it even scarier.

Mr. McDonnell will be your guide throughout the entire process. He will take the time to review your case, explain it to you in detail and in ways you can understand, advise you of your defense options, and explain your likelihood of success. His defense services have helped numerous clients avoid the severe punishments that come with a fraud conviction, and he will work hard to do the same for you.

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Charged With Fraud?

Available 24/7