Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is a wide-ranging crime that includes many different activities from padding estimates to under-reporting employee headcount to staging accidents. Defense against this type of crime is best left to a criminal defense attorney who has experience with white collar crimes.

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Hugh James McDonnell is an Orlando insurance fraud attorney who has been both a prosecutor and a defender. His experience working both sides of a case has proven invaluable to his clients who have been charged with insurance fraud, and he can help you defend your case, too.

Examples of Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is a criminal act that involves making false insurance claims related to property or personal injuries. Insurance fraud is primarily committed for financial gain or to obtain financial benefits.

Insurance fraud typically falls into five primary categories:

    • Automobile Insurance Fraud
    • Health Insurance Fraud
    • Life Insurance Fraud
    • Property Insurance Fraud
    • Worker’s Compensation Insurance Fraud

Within each of the above types of fraud, there exist different types of fraud situations. Consultation with an experienced Orlando insurance fraud attorney will help you determine your defense strategy.

Insurance Fraud Defense

Defense against insurance fraud focuses on facts and evidence and involves an understanding of insurance claims and insurance claim documents. Our insurance fraud attorney, Hugh McDonnell, is patient and skilled at conducting research into insurance fraud claims and designing a defense strategy that helps secure a positive outcome for his clients.

Whether you have been charged with committing insurance fraud, Hugh McDonnell can help.

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Charged With Insurance Fraud?

Available 24/7