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Have you been injured in a slip and fall incident at a supermarket, mall or other commercial facility? Have you been assaulted in a poorly monitored parking lot? Have you suffered any other injuries due to a property owner’s failure to look out for the safety of visitors? If so, you may have a claim for compensation under Florida premises liability law.


When property owners allow others onto their property, either by opening the property to the public or inviting certain people onto it, they have a legal responsibility either to remove or repair potential hazards on the property or warn their visitors about them.

Common circumstances in which property owners are found legally liable for the injuries of their guests include the following:

    • Wet, icy or otherwise slippery surfaces
    • Uneven surfaces that do not present an obvious hazard
    • Malfunctioning elevators, revolving doors or other such devices
    • Inadequate security or lighting in potentially unsafe areas

After any such incident, contact our firm to speak directly with an attorney experienced in handling these cases.

 Thoroughly Evaluating the Circumstances

We have the experience and the legal knowledge to provide you with a skilled evaluation of your situation based on the specific facts of your case. We will then inform you, based on those facts, as to whether you have a legal claim, and discuss your options with you.

In slip and fall incidents and other premises liability cases, the evidence is often very time-sensitive, so you should contact us today to learn what you can do to protect your right to pursue a premises liability claim.

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Slip and Fall or Premise Injury?
Call Now!

Available 24/7