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If you’ve been involved in an automobile or other accident, you may have suffered injuries to your spinal cord and/or back. These are complex injuries that can have long-term effects. And, if your injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence, you deserve the opportunity to pursue compensation.


Spinal cord and back injuries can be caused by sudden traumas such as auto accidents, as well by as many other types of traumas. Depending on the exact circumstances, common consequences of spinal cord and back injuries include the following:

    • Persistent pain
    • Complete or partial paralysis
    • Loss of bodily functions

Whether temporary or permanent, these consequences negatively affect the quality of life and the financial circumstances of those who have been injured. Coping with these injuries may require medical treatment, as well as vocational rehabilitation and physical therapy, which can be expensive, particularly over the course of a lifetime.

Establishing The Level of Compensation You Deserve

Our firm is experienced at pursuing compensation for these sorts of traumatic and long-term injuries. We work with skilled professionals to assess the medical consequences of spinal cord, neck and back injuries, and then obtain an accurate picture of the long-term financial costs and pain and suffering associated with the injuries.

Our meticulous preparation and documentation allow us to pursue compensation from the responsible parties, taking cases to court if necessary. For experienced, aggressive legal representation from a law firm dedicated to your best interests, contact us today.

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Spinal Cord or Back Injury?
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Available 24/7