Top 10 Reasons To Hire Legal Counsel For a Drug Offense Charges in Orlando

If you’ve been arrested face drug offense charges in Orlando, it is critical to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you in court. The law is complex and certain rules and procedures must be followed for charges to apply. An attorney who is experienced in defending against drug charges in Orlando is vital to securing your freedom.

  1. They are your guide. You will have questions, concerns, and worries about your case. You may not understand legal procedures or the law and how it impacts your case and your rights. You might not know what to do to prepare for your case or how to answer questions posed to you. Your legal counsel will guide you though the entire process, making sure your rights are being protected and you are being treated fairly.
  2. They are your advocate. Not only will your attorney help you understand the charges and the situation, they will advocate on your behalf. The prosecutor has the State, the Police and possibly witnesses on their side. You need someone on your side. That someone is your criminal defense attorney.
  3. The law protects you. To be convicted you must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Proper defense can prevent the State from proving your guilt.
  4. You may have been charged unconstitutionally. It is possible for your criminal charges to be unconstitutional. An attorney can help assess if this is the case or not and defend you accordingly.
  5. The charge does not fit your actions. You may be charged with more than what your truly are guilty of. It’s a common tactic used by the State to coerce a guilty plea. Don’t fall for it. Your attorney can help get false charges dropped.
  6. There may have been procedural violations. Surprisingly mistakes are often made. Procedural violations are common in drug cases, particularly in search and seizure. Your attorney will investigate the validity of the search.
  7. Witnesses are unreliable. Witnesses are often central to the State’s case, but they can be proven to be unreliable with the right defense attorney on your side.
  8. You may have a legal defense you weren’t aware of. Drug law is complicated. It’s entirely possible you have a valid legal defense that you weren’t even aware existed. An experienced attorney is well aware of all the ins & outs of the law to benefit their client.
  9. You deserve someone who will fight for your rights. Anyone can plead guilty. Only a skilled attorney can fight drug offense charges in Orlando after a thorough investigation and review of the facts.
  10. Going to court may be your best defense. It allows an experienced attorney the opportunity to examine the evidence against you and prepare motions to suppress. Which could eliminate the need for a trial or a plea. Of course a trial is always an option, as burden of proof is always squarely on the state.
  11. Defend Yourself Against Drug Offense Charges. Orlando Attorney Hugh James McDonnell Will Fight For Your RightsIf you need legal counsel for drug offense charges in Orlando, Attorney Hugh James McDonnell can help. Contact The Florida Practice to speak with Mr. McDonnell about the charges against you and the options that you have in defending against those charges.

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